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Twitter Cards: A Mobile Marketers’ Route to Get Ahead

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Twitter Cards: A Mobile Marketers’ Route to Get Ahead

Misspran September 18, 2013

Mobile usage is consistently overtaking desktop use. Twitter is very much aware of this fact and is aggressively disrupting not just to stay ahead but to become central to the entire mobile ecosystem. The social network innovates by releasing new mobile app deep-linking Twitter Cards to help mobile marketers generate ROI from their social media marketing efforts and provide better monetization for app developers.

The features allow brands to add rich custom content such as photos, videos, article snippets, and soon sound bites, too inside each Tweet thus breaking the 140-character, text-only limit of a normal tweet. The thought is simple — people engage more with rich, visual content. Originally, labeled expanded Tweets, this technology was used by more than 2,000 partners four months after its launch.

Here’s a look into the current Twitter Card updates and some targeted strategy for mobile marketers.

Deep-linking to boost e-commerce conversions and App discovery

For e-commerce businesses, being able to seamlessly move from a tweet to an app users already have installed on their devices – which already contains their account info– will go a long way to increase e-commerce conversions.

The deep app linking feature not only benefits e-commerce players but also mobile app developers looking to increase their app’s discoverability. Currently used by over 10,000 developers, the update allows users to click a link on Twitter to view content directly within an app if they have it installed. If they don’t have the app, they’ll be prompted to download it with a link.

Product Card

This is where it gets really interesting. B2Cs, and in some cases B2Bs get the opportunity to increase product visibility on the social network with this feature. Retailers can embed product details right inside a tweet — a photo, description and up to two additional details about the item they are displaying (price, sizes, in stock, color etc.).

Photos play a key role in sales of any product or service and Twitter wants to help businesses “drive sales” with images and information.

App Card

The important feature allows developers and businesses to show app information including name, icon, rating and price from the iOS App store or Google Play.

Gallery Card

Brands are already displaying vibrant images in their Tweets, but the new Gallery Card allows advertisers to publish up to four small images as a preview of a larger gallery. This can be extremely helpful in marketing high volume of product images, infographic content and thumbnails for product video.

Developers can execute the markup for Twitter Cards by visiting Twitter’s documentation pages.

Number of companies have partnered with Twitter to launch the new card capabilities, including, Foursquare, Delectable, Etsy, Flickr, Foursquare, Gumroad, Jawbone, Path, Angry Birds, SoundCloud, Storenvy, Wine Library and Vine.

Twitter has come a long way from just being a platform for sharing text-based thoughts to growing into a content discovery network and becoming an actual revenue-generating source.

And that’s only with handful of Twitter Cards. There are hundreds of card types waiting to come to fruition. So if you are a business that looks to embrace “mobile first,” strategy, you know where to head.


Vi Tran
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