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Report on the 2013 Mobile Ecosystem: Android, iOS Still Tops


Report on the 2013 Mobile Ecosystem: Android, iOS Still Tops

Misspran September 6, 2013

Research firm VisionMobile has issued the biggest mobile developer study to date. The study consisted of 6,000 participants from 115 different countries. The report “tracks the state of mobile ecosystems, developer mindshare, monetisation trends, revenue models and developer tools.”

According to the findings, iOS is on average the most profitable platform to develop on. An IOS developer on average makes $5,200 on in-app revenue a month, while android developers make about $4,700. However, Android is still more popular. 72 percent told researchers they already developed for Android while 57 percent already developed for iOS. The two are closely trailed by HTML5 mobile with 52 percent.

mobile monetisation

The study also reported findings on monetisation methods across platforms. The most popular method for Android is through in-app advertising. For iOS , it’s  in-app purchasing and pay-per-download with 35 percent and 36 percent respectively.

monetisation method

VisionMobile also reported on the most popular tools among developers. User analytics tops the list with 38 percent. This demonstrates the common need among developers, like marketers, for data on mobile user behavior.

developer tools

Overall, the study repeatedly demonstrated that Android and iOS still dominates the market. And while Windows is growing as a development platform, it still trails behind the other two by far. Only time will tell how the recent Microsoft acquisition of Nokia may change that, if at all. The report also brought attention to the popularity of HTML5 in development. If you’d like to read more, the VisionMobile 2013 Developer Economics Report is free and available for download on their website.




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