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Mobile Cloud Apps Reviewed

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Mobile Cloud Apps Reviewed

Misspran September 10, 2013

Here at MobileFOMO, we’re taking a close look at cloud storage as we provide ongoing coverage of the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco this week. Several of the high profile speakers at the conference are from the biggest cloud companies in the world, so we thought it would be appropriate to compare some of them. The main things people look for in an app like this is the ability to upload and preview files, in addition to solid security. We definitely don’t want to lose any of our cat pics. Here’s what we found with the apps we surveyed.


Dropbox is making a splash at TechCrunch Disrupt this week with half a dozen speakers. We tried out their app and it’s certainly user friendly. However, a drawback for Dropbox is its limited free storage space. It also gets expensive the more storage you buy. Dropbox’s mobile app also doesn’t do instant streaming and content previewing. The file has to be downloaded before it can be viewed.

Security features are a mixed bag. The company recommends third party encryption on mobile, but doesn’t provide it. When iPhone users access Dropbox they are asked for a four digit pin only. If the person enters the wrong password 10 times or more, there is a setting that deletes the data. This method is ideal for a lost phone rather than encrypting mobile data on an ongoing basis.


Like Dropbox, Box is also making an appearance at TechCrunch Disrupt. Box is great for collaboration and enterprise. You can make comments on the file for both mobile and web. It also provides some great features for enterprise-like admin permission control and enhanced mobile security. Box’s mobile app is one step ahead of Dropbox in the sense that it provides a better content preview feature. The files load and play faster.



The most secure of all the options. Bitcasa so far is the only one of these that does client-side encryption. That means not even the employees at Bitcasa can know what you’re storing. Privacy to the max. The mobile app on Bitcasa is pretty easy to use and especially great for streaming. Your main options are whether to auto sync your media on the phone or any other device. Heavy media users who require a large amount of storage and the ability to stream and preview image content will find that Bitcasa is great for that. You can also do automatic camera backup with their mobile app. Their unlimited storage offer is also very affordable.


Here we find a slick interface that feels like candy. This company isn’t as well known and is newer to the market than the others. Copy has the best user experience in our opinion, especially on the web. It’s also running a promotion and giving away a lot of free space. Mobile wise, however, it’s limited in the sense that you can’t stream media content. There is no preview option available for the mobile app. For a more in depth and full cloud service comparison, please check here.


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