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Key Trends You Need to Know in Mobile Marketing


Key Trends You Need to Know in Mobile Marketing

Misspran September 23, 2013

As an entrepreneur, you need to familiarize yourself with key trends in mobile marketing, useful information given the ubiquity of the Internet in today’s global marketplace. These trends touch on everything from significant changes in e-marketing to portable devices and their impact on companies’ bottom lines.

Mobile marketing: a growing field

Mobile marketing refers to tactics and techniques a company uses to communicate online about its products and services, brand, social campaigns and other worthy initiatives. A study by the Mobile Marketing Association reports that the field is growing, not only in terms of jobs created but also revenue generated and procedures used. Specifically, the study authors—Peter Johnson and Joseph Plummer of Columbia University—reported that job creation will increase threefold from 2012 to 2015, from 524,000 jobs to 1.4 million. Other key findings include $19.8 billion in investments by 2015, as well as the fact that social marketing could rise to $400 billion in 2015.

Wearable devices: the stars of today’s mobile PR

As an entrepreneur, what does this avalanche of positive numbers mean to you? Good news, certainly. The metrics reflect new ways to circulate your message, at affordable rates. With mobile marketing, you can spread your company’s word on devices as diverse as tablets, laptops, cell phones and notebooks. Anna Bager, of Advertising Age Magazine, says you must pay attention to screens and devices, but also heed things like consumer behavior, user-friendliness, browser compatibility and app availability.

Advantages of mobile marketing—and their impact on your bottom line

Mobile marketing can have a positive impact on your bottom line thanks to its myriad pros, its scalability—meaning you can replicate it quickly—the wide array of distribution channels, and its cost-effectiveness. E-marketing advantages include substantial viral potential, mass communication, micro-blogging potential and mobile payments. Other benefits are user response tracking, direct marketing, convenience and instant results. Add to all these advantages the ability to launch mobile marketing campaigns on platforms as diverse as corporate portals, blogs and social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.


Mobile marketing is here to stay, and you should jump on its bandwagon to reduce your communication costs and increase your company’s bottom line. In the last few years, the advent of the Internet and profusion of portable devices have made e-marketing a growing field, and industry observers expect that growth to continue in the next few years.


Vi Tran
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