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iPhone IOS 7 Release: What it Means to Marketers

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iPhone IOS 7 Release: What it Means to Marketers

Misspran September 20, 2013

The iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c hits stores today in several countries all over the world. Anticipation builds up every year when Apple releases its new products and this year is no different. Crowds of customers line up in anticipation to get their hands on one of the iPhones. The iPhones come pre-installed with IOS 7, Apple’s new mobile operating system. IOS 7 was available for older iPhone and iPad models to download on September 18th. According to Forbes, data from Mixpanel shows within 16 hrs of its release, Apple already received a  29.25% adoption rate of iOS 7 on its devices. So what’s new with IOS 7, and what’s most important for marketers?

Source: Mixpanel

Source: Mixpanel

New app store makes updating and discovery simpler.

The new app store now has a feature to let app updates run automatically in the background. In the iTunes & App Stores section of the iOS Settings, under the Automatic Downloads section, users can select enabled or disabled to decide if they want the App Store to automatically search and update their apps. This makes updates a lot more simple and will allow app developers less afraid to release more raw versions and make updates later.

App discovery has also improved. Apple’s new Near Me feature showcases apps that are popular based on location. This will be huge for all marketers focusing on ASO, App Store search engine optimization. There is now a huge focus on location and how to make your app discoverable with a more targeted method now that location is thrown into the mix.

The Kids category will also be added to the App Store. This category will make family friendly, kids oriented apps a lot easier to find. It will also provide a better way for marketers in the education & gaming space to reach their target market.


iBeacon will allow for a new range of apps to emerge. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iiBeacon is a technology that will allow apps to recognize when it’s near a sensor called a beacon. The feature can enable indoors navigation and can be used to trigger special in-stores promotions, recommendations, and more. Unfortunately it can transmit very low data rates and not equipped to handle send large data or stream audio and video. However for smaller things like coupons and payment data, it can be very effective. This allow marketers a whole new way to market in brick and mortar stores. This will also provide marketers with more data on customers and help them find ways track and analyze consumer behavior. iBeacon’s has a range of up to 50 meters and its sensors are also cheaper to produce in comparison to NFC. There’s a higher chance of iBeacon to be adopted than NFC.

iTunes Radio

ITunes Radio nothing really radically different. It is much like Pandora. You can choose an artist or song and stream recommended music based on that. Users can either pay for a paid subscription of $25 a month or stream for free but sit through advertisements. Because iTunes Radio is an apple product and have comes pre installed in iTunes in the very high-in-demand iPhone, it may have a naturally very high adoption rate. If that the case, this is another network audio ads that marketers can’t ignore.

Source: Apple

Source: Apple

IOS 7 is a little different in its design and comes with several new features including time stamp on iMessage, swipe down phone search, new control center, and more. However, the tree features listed above on the new iPhone and IOS 7 will have a high influence in mobile marketing. Time will tell how the effect will be and what new marketing methods will be introduced. However, like those Apple fans waiting for the new iPhone, we’re all very excited at MobileFOMO about the future of mobile marketing with the influence of IOS 7.



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