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Back to School Tips for Data Protection

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Back to School Tips for Data Protection

MobileFOMO August 9, 2013

Whether your kids are returning to junior high or university, they probably have a digital device. Maybe your kids have an old laptop used for World of Warcraft as well as the occasional homework assignment. They could have an iPod touch with pictures and music on it. Either way, there’s a simple, secure and low cost way to backup these devices before school starts. They could use a cloud storage provider.

Why do these devices need to be backed up? Because accidents happen and hardware isn’t meant to last forever. Eventually most phones and cameras will give out, get lost or find themselves taking a little swim.

Never fear! We will give you a quick step by step guide on how to backup your devices quickly and easily. We recommend choosing a reliable online backup storage provider that’s encrypted, like Bitcasa. You can sync your data whenever you like, every day or perhaps every few weeks. Either way, Bitcasa makes it simple.

1. Locate your computer and cable used to sync devices. Whether it’s your iPhone, iPod, Android, digital camera or otherwise, we suggest you connect it with your computer for a local backup.

Note: you can upload your files from multiple devices to the same Bitcasa account.

2. Whether you are on a Mac or a PC, simply visit: https://www.bitcasa.com/download

The Bitcasa website lets you download the client that allows you to use the service. Don’t worry, this process is easy. It will just take seconds to download and install.

You’ll also notice there are multiple versions to download, you may want to install the service on multiple devices. Visit the Bitcasa download page from each device you want to backup. If you are on a mobile phone, then the Bitcasa download page will take you directly to the appropriate store to download it.

3. Time to setup your account! Once the software has been installed you’ll need to either create an account or use an existing one if you’ve used the service before.


4. Once you’re logged in the Bitcasa software will guide you through your options. You’ll see a fun little icon now in your top bar that tells you Bitcasa is there.

The first option included is mirroring your folders. This means that your computer and your Bitcasa drive will have the same folders with the same contents. Anytime you connect to the internet, Bitcasa is hard at work making your data stay up to date. This is an ideal option for those of you who have kids sharing the same computer. There will never be an excuse for not having homework!

The second option is to drag and drop your data on the Bitcasa drive. The drive will appear in your finder window on a mac. Just like it’s a hard drive!


5. Now you’re data is cool for school. You’ve got two backups now, a local backup on your computer and an infinite one with your reliable cloud storage provider. This means you’re set! Expert Tip: Mirroring your drive is recommended for effortless backups. However, it’s better to backup your data some of the time than none of the time. Especially if you want to avoid the sad faces after you lose an iTunes collection or even worse ­ vacation photos for show and tell…