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Mobile etiquette: 5 Ways your smartphone usage could be ticking people off at the gym

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Mobile etiquette: 5 Ways your smartphone usage could be ticking people off at the gym

Sarah Buhr August 21, 2013

Do you bring your smartphone to the gym? There are several easy ways you may be annoying the heck out of those around you and not even realize it. We’ve put together some tips for smartphone usage at the gym.

Here are 5 ways you may find yourself sweating over other gym goers reactions to your cell phone usage:

#1 Selfies. This needs no explanation… but (sigh, here goes) your friends don’t like your duck face (it’s science, really) and though your friends may forgive you for it, people at the gym will not. Nobody wants to wait to check their bicep curl alignment while you snap a pic of yourself, cheekbones sucked,  at a certain flattering angle that makes you magically more svelte.

#2 Don’t cruise Instagram while doing reps…wait till you are on a rest and then don’t hog the weight machine after or take forever to get through all your tweets. This is especially important if someone is eyeing the machine you are on. Look around and be aware if you might happen to be holding other people up.

#3 Snapchat – keep that one at home. Nobody but that special someone and you should be able to see any of that

#4 Videos are an obvious no-no. Especially if you don’t have headphones in. People are not there to be caught off guard by your phone blaring the latest “My Little Ponies, Friendship is Magic” clip.

#5 Phone calls are a NEVER. Don’t even think about answering. You can text if you absolutely have to and tell that person that you are at the gym, but don’t answer that call!

selfie ugh

Still absolutely need your smartphone with you as you sweat it out? Etiquette here says use it, don’t abuse it. So, bonus, there are also some great ways to max your cell to your benefit. Here are the do’s to getting the most out of your gym experience with your smartphone the right way:

#1 Check-in to your gym on Foursquare to get tips on the best trainer or protein smoothie

#2 Pump up the music (with headphones in, of course) on your music app of choice and get going! A good Spotify mix or Pandora channel will help you fly right through your sesh.

#3  Download and use a workout app. You won’t be alone here. 1 in 5 regular gym goers now use a workout app of some sort. I personally recommend checking out these 3 (all available on both iOS and Android):

  • Couch to 5K – Helped me run my first 5K way back when this program was Just a podcast. Now it’s gone through several improvements, music updates and you can get it right on your phone. Download for $1.99

  • Nike Training Club – 100+ training exercises, ability to compete with friends and totally free for both iOS and Android

  • Jefit – This one takes some time to customize a bit prior to the workout so make sure you set that up right (and don’t be customizing while you are on the weight machines, holding other people up. See don’t #2 above). Once downloaded, choose from over 1300 moves to tailor-make a plan just for you, then bring with you to the gym and follow your own customized routine.