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Great Moments in Mobile Video (Infographic)

Great Moments in Mobile Video (Infographic)

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I’m not t0o proud to admit it. I sometimes don’t sleep all that well at night. Maybe insomnia. Too much worrying. Maybe upset stomach from too much food at a friend’s birthday dinner.

Whatever. It’s ok because I already have the perfect thing to make my lack of zz’s palatable. Netflix. I just curl up with my iPad mini and “Orange is the New Black.” Hey, it could be worse. Let me say too, if Netflix keeps coming out with excellent dramas, I may just drop cable like the millions of other people who already have.

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That’s right. Just another one of the ways that mobile video has changed so many things in our lives from how we watch Sunday football, get the news, market our brands or even chronicle our personal lives. To celebrate this ongoing video evolution, here is an at-a-glance almanac of the most important milestones in mobile-video history.

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