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3 Ways Vine Disrupted the Mobile Video Market

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3 Ways Vine Disrupted the Mobile Video Market

Michael Jacobs August 14, 2013

When Vine, the video sharing app created by Twitter, first began appearing on peoples’ phones, the mobile app world was taken by surprise. Twitter just threw a curveball at the mobile application market and not many people were sure what to do. Some people seriously disliked the 6-second limit that Vine allowed on their videos while others could not comprehend the value behind the app. At first, there were many people who thought it would be a high-profile Twitter failure. These people merely did not foresee what Twitter saw; that the future of mobile is in video; very short video.

1.) Increasing Creativity

One of the most fascinating aspects of Vine’s use in mobile marketing is that it allows for an increase in creativity among users. With options to record and cut video instantly, it adds an entirely new world to mobile marketing. Instead of only sharing one moment of your life in a picture, you can now share up to 6 seconds of a birthday, business event, or family vacation instantly from their mobile devices. For mobile users, especially those who use mobile for marketing, this is revolutionary.

Every marketer knows that engagement is one of the most important keys to a brand’s social media success. While pictures are worthwhile, video allows you to engage your audience in an even more effective fashion. With a 6-second limit, users are forced to get creative with their posts. Many brands show several images in rapid succession in order to truly convey what an event was like. The San Francisco Giants for instance, showed several swings of one player’s batting practice, giving community members an idea of how well he was swinging before a game. The more creative the post, the more engaged your followers become. With creating content on Vine, there is no room for boring.

Vine SFGiants

2.) Simplifying Usage

Another major benefit of using Vine for mobile marketing is the simplicity of the app itself. The first time you open it, you are walked through each step needed to create your own video masterpiece. In this walkthrough, details on building a quality Vine video are shared, making it very easy for first time users to dive in. Even the step of recording, (accomplished by touching *anywhere* on your screen) is described in a simple and understandable way. Before Vine, there were no other video apps that allowed you to do this with such simplicity and ease.

Also, Vine’s design provides for a very simple way to view all the videos and content from your friends or people/companies you’re following. Since the videos are only 6 seconds, scrolling through them feels simple, like you aren’t wasting time. For marketers, this is very important because it means that your content, if creative enough, may have the ability to been seen by millions of people. Remember, keep your content simple and attractive and your brand can become a star on Vine.

3.) Changing Perspectives on Mobile Video Marketing

Vine disrupted the mobile video market in several different ways. Arguably the largest way it did so was by “Instagramming” video. Before Vine, many thought that video was a more professional way to deliver content to an audience. Now anyone can do it, and in a timely manner too. Many people once only thought about keeping their videos under 2 minutes, not fewer than 6 seconds. Although a 2-minute video can still be somewhat effective, many only watch a minute or so and then shut it off.

The quality of video shared on social media is now changing as well because of Vine. People who may have once been afraid to share their mobile videos because of “poor” quality now have a way around that. Before Vine, if you weren’t using professional camera equipment to make your videos, your views might be limited. Now, with the presence of Vine and the increased quality of mobile cameras, it’s more acceptable for businesses and individuals to share their video content and expect interaction.

Since Vine was released, we have seen a revolution in the mobile video market. Vine has allowed people to market video more effectively, apply it to their own businesses without the need of expensive equipment, and reach a massive audience in a short period of time. I predict that this is only the beginning of an entirely new mobile video market!


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