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How to Stream Movies to Your Mobile Phone

How to Stream Movies to Your Mobile Phone

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Consuming media is the number one activity for new adopters of mobile devices, with video streaming capabilities being a highly sought after option. Carrier bandwidth constraints and metered download speeds are less of an issue with the rise of in-home mobile tablet use and wifi hotspot accessibility.

To stream video to your mobile phone, popular audience standards such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, as well as a network TV apps provide quick access for paid subscribers. Vdio, a movie streaming service from Rdio, a Spotify competitor, offers $25 in viewing credits to music subscribers along with a limited selection of free movies available to anyone.

Purchasing Movies through the Google Play and Apple’s iTunes along with pre-syncing video content provides some mobile video relief, but there are number of free alternatives. Crackle has a well done selection of free featured higher quality movies available across any platform. YouTube also has a limited selection of free movies, which can be found here.

Android devices with Flash installed allows access to Front Row branded websites which feature online streams of US programming being aired internationally. This includes the Kindle Fire owners, who can now utilize a beta program which Flash enables their Kindle devices. For non-beta users, Amazon also offers a paid Instant Video service. Android users additionally have the option to acquire new movies through use of mobile BitTorrent, allowing users to download movies on demand.

If you know what movie you want to watch without having to entirely pre-download movies, secure file storage systems such as Bitcasa offer a reliable option. Using Bitcasa as personal infinite storage, it’s the perfect medium to stream a lifetimes worth of home videos, work presentations, and digital media backups to your mobile phone to any device.

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