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Mobile Advertising Trends To Watch


Mobile Advertising Trends To Watch

annebot July 8, 2013

The astounding rate at which mobile devices are being used for communications, banking, viewing and shopping is changing the way marketers advertise.  Delivering real-time relevant advertising with geographies in mind is now possible with consumers carrying their mobile devices within arm’s reach.  Let’s take a look at some future trends of mobile advertising and how it will impact a company’s engagement with customers and prospects.

The Young Generation

Generation Z who were born from the late 1970s to the early 2000s have been engaged with social media through mobile devices for much of their lives.  They take being connected for granted and will be a strong force in the coming years for ecommerce.  Gen Z are constantly stimulated and impatient and expect access to everything that will meet their needs.  The challenge for advertisers will be how to engage them.

Connected Cars

With the emergence of built-in WiFi and other apps in the automobile, opportunities will rapidly increase to target drivers listening to internet radio.  With the majority of the online music industry’s $50 million quarterly ad revenue coming from mobile advertising and the industry shifting to the cloud, online radio advertising should not be overlooked.

Smart Content

Amazon started this trend with their ‘Recommendation Engine’ which will become more abundant with marketers in the coming years. The next generation of XML applications will be able to deliver smart content at the right time, at the most granular level for richer and meaningful content.

Delivering Big Data

Business Intelligence and the Cloud are key ingredients in this next big trend.  Raw social media data is more abundant and start up companies are starting to deliver this information to their front line sales people, business development personnel and marketers in the format suited for their purposes.  Having this data on the cloud makes it that much easier to deliver to mobile devices.

Smartphone Screen Disappearing

The technology of smartphones has already started to evolve with google glasses, watches and automobile connectivity.  Consumers will continue to look for devices that don’t require them to unlock a phone and push buttons while viewing a screen.  Technology similar to those that use loss-prevention tags to track articles of clothing in stores can also be used on mobile devices to track a consumer’s activity.  Imagine the information that can be collected and used to deliver valuable content.  You could almost say as a sixth sense.

Content is King

Content is becoming more and more relevant to engage with consumers.  Marketers are now expected to have expertise in developing and promoting content.  Budgets will continue to increase to allow more content to be created.  Crowdsourcing will also play a big part in a marketing budget as advertisers will need to find more ways to encourage fans and followers to build and share content.  More and more companies are now hiring ‘Content Managers’ to oversee this emerging marketing department.

Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing (paid advertising) has a very low response rate while in-bound marketing’s response rate can be 10x higher.  Customers and prospects respond to and engage with corporations who provide valuable and educational information delivered in real-time.  Digital marketing is taking up a major portion of a marketers budget and using mobile devices are a great way to leverage this type of marketing, especially with geo-local advertising.

Marketing is becoming more integrated and real-time and Corporations that understand emerging trends and stay at the forefront will be able to stay one step ahead of their competition.  Exciting and innovative opportunities are ahead for marketers, so grab a seat and hang on!


Anne Ahola Ward
Editor in Chief
Annebot, aka Anne A. Ward is Editor-in-Chief for MobileFOMO. She is a futurist, growth hacker and co-founder of CircleClick, LLC. As an early entrant into the field of search engine optimization, Anne has helped many of her clients monetize their SEO programs. She has helped clients to exceed their previous lead generation goals.
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