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Mobility: The Public Relations Change Agent


Mobility: The Public Relations Change Agent

Heidi Groshelle June 6, 2013

Public Relations is one of the most valuable tools in a marketer’s kit. However, PR continues to change and evolve in lightning . Despite these changes,  it is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to build brand awareness, highlight innovation, show thought leadership and demonstrate market traction.

For a PR campaign to be successful today, it must incorporate a mobile strategy. Not doing so is leaving money on the table.

Just look at all of the ways people get information today: Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, BuzzFeed and there are specialized blogs, online mainstream news broadcasts, magazines, news channels and TV.

With more communication channels than ever before, knowing which platforms to use and how to use them is a strategic decision. What works for one company will not necessarily be successful for another because every channel has a unique value and purpose.

Ask yourself, who are you communicating with and what do you want people to do? Do you want people to respond to a call for action? Do you want people to help you build buzz? The answers to these questions will help determine how you use mobile PR and which platforms to use.

For instance, Twitter is great for chatting with people, getting information out quickly and sharing ideas.  Consider including Facebook in your strategy when you want to build a community around a cause, a company or a product, and tap LinkedIn for professional brand building and thought leadership.  While Pinterest is billed as the place to find and save things you love, businesses use Pinterest to showcase their products to consumers, capture and share infographics and even generate leads.

Basically today’s mobile PR requires you to:

  • Actively and consistently engage with your constituents on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter
  • Tools like Scoop.it, Buffer and Hootsuite make it easy to manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • Provide a mobile-friendly online newsroom that is easy to find on your website
  • Newsrooms are no longer only for journalists. Every interested party will go there to learn about your company: from potential customers and future employees to clients, partners and investors
  • Include mobile links in your press releases, contributed articles, and every email communication with the media
  • Google counts press release links, live links in articles drive traffic to your website and make it super easy for anyone to get to you

PR in the 21st Century includes mobility at its core.   Whatever your goal is for PR, incorporating mobile into everything you do will be rewarded!