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Why landing pages must be mobile optimized!

Why landing pages must be mobile optimized!

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After many years of website marketing I can safely say that landing pages are my wheelhouse. I’ve been building them for years. In days of ol’ I would work with a designer and we’d come up with a rough idea and then test it. Eventually the formula for landing pages became so clear that we had a way to automate them. At one point I was so into landing pages that I actually created a landing page builder just before Unbounce did.

Just for nostalgia purposes, here is a screen shot:



The name of the game is getting the button just right that people wanted to click it. Is the offer clear? Did it get you what you wanted? As people we are perceptive and can tell if we want to go further into a page. Landing pages that bring revenue are often tested and tested continuously. Mobile is no different, testing can and should be done.

It is essential have mobile landing pages for your business!

Make your landing pages accessible to a smartphone and you will gain revenue. All phone numbers should be placed in plain text. Otherwise, it’s a missed opportunity. Make your phone number clickable, use images carefully. Get in there and test it yourself, there are subtle differences with every mobile platform. Save your ad dollars and do not just check the ‘mobile’ box in the console. If you’re not truly optimizing for mobile – you are throwing your money away.

It will also be interesting to see the evolution of Twitter cards and how that affects mobile marketing. Ecommerce will be forever evolving with mobile’s popularity. We want to get what we want when we want it. Mobile marketing is an intriguing medium for many reasons, one of which is the new challenge of dynamic and actionable landing pages.

Happy Marketing!