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Facebook Home with Chat Heads Released Today For Android Phones


Facebook Home with Chat Heads Released Today For Android Phones

Misspran April 12, 2013

Photo credit: Yahoo.com

Starting today the HTC First will be the first phone to be released with Facebook Home pre-installed. It will be available for sale at $99.99 with AT&T and Facebook Home is now released to download for free with selected Android phones on the Google Play Store. With Facebook Home, the usual Android lock home screen will be replaced with what Facebook is calling, a cover feed. The cover feed has a very visual and clean interface showing and cycling through updates and pictures from your newsfeed.

There will be no ads on the Facebook Home cover feed at launch, however Facebook will eventually feature ads and sponsored stories later on. If you are a heavy Facebook user, this app might be very useful as it will circle around the friends and Facebook experience.  The Facebook Home app will allow you to easily to access Facebook messaging with one swipe of your circular profile picture to the left.

Facebook home will also give you the option of turning your friends into chat heads on your screen. Chat heads appear as circular images of your friends. It’ll appear on your screen even with other apps open. You can move it around your screen and you’ll be able to easily see their responses and message them while using other apps. You can also disable the chat heads if it gets overwhelming. With chat heads, you can have a whole conversation with your friends through Facebook messenger without having to exit other mobile apps.

If there is a wide adoption for Facebook Home, Facebook will be more important than ever for mobile marketing. Facebook likes and Edgerank will have an increase in importance for content marketing on social, and there will definitely be an increase in advertising due to the Home launcher.



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