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SXSW Creates Velocity

SXSW Creates Velocity

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Like a slot car racer power up or a gigantic particular accelerator, the energy supercharge of converging on Austin for SXSW Interactive offers an opportunity to test your latest theories.

A dancing chicken costume in front of the convention center might not be the best rational growth strategy at SXSW even though Qualcomm’s insane keynote did make them a standout in the drab lavishness of CES. No matter how large marketing budgets have gotten, SXSW is still an opportunity to make an impression.

Introducing yourself at SXSW starts as a statement about this is what the future looks like with an understanding that most people here open to try out your experiment as well as reciprocate with their own. If your mobile future requires new users to authorize their actions in cumbersome and intrusive ways without offering real value in return, then you’ll quickly understand why your model instead creates friction. In mobile, consumer apps start as simple toys because any friction created in the viral signup process is a real blocker to any sort of AppStore chart liftoff.

The best way to create velocity is to show the future you’ve created. Sidewalk chalk foursquare courts to rock star headliner tech parties still require promoting a product that people are willing to try. When you’re testing early version of products that took many sleepless nights leading up to SXSW to complete, at least be considerate to why this idea was created. Rapidly making new friends opens an opportunity to gather real initial feedback as you party hop with one another.

As you write your SXSW press release, also write one for yourself and who you want to be. Take the week as an opportunity to have some fun and find the escape velocity you’ve been searching for.