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Google Opens its Universal Analytics to Public

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Google Opens its Universal Analytics to Public

Misspran March 25, 2013

On Friday, March 22nd, 2013 Google opened Universal Analytics to the public. Last October, Google announced a limited beta releasing its Universal Analytics. UA is now available for everyone to try. Google Analytics is a very popular tool for marketers and developers to track traffic and various other information on their site. Now with mobile usage on the rise, everyone is looking to gain more insights and data from mobile. Universal Analytics with its new features and integrations to more easily provide analytics for mobile and cross-platform usage will prove to be very useful.

According to Google’s blog, in addition to the standard Google Analytics features, Universal Analytics will provide:

  • New data collection methods: Universal Analytics introduces the analytics.js code snippet as the primary collection method for websites. This JavaScript is more flexible than previous the Google Analytics ga.js JavaScript, giving you more customization options of your data.
  • Simplified feature configuration: Universal Analytics exposes options in the Analytics admin interface that were previously only accessible through the development environment. With Universal Analytics, it’s easier to customize configuration settings, like your campaign timeout handling and search term exclusions.
  • Custom dimensions & custom metrics: Custom dimensions and custom metrics are like default dimensions and metrics, except you create them yourself. Use them to collect data that Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track.
  • Multi-platform tracking: With the Measurement Protocol, and additional collection methods introduced by Universal Analytics, you can collect and send incoming data from any digital device to your Analytics account, so you can track more than just websites.

Multi-platform tracking will be especially useful as many marketers still struggle to track and understand consumer behavior and conversion across different devices.


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