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Will an App Help You Manage Event Chaos at SXSW?

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Will an App Help You Manage Event Chaos at SXSW?

Misspran March 6, 2013

SXSW 2013 is around the corner. Come Friday, downtown Austin will get a massive influx of industry people looking to network and there will be multiple events hosted at varying venues. It can be overwhelming and very chaotic. How does one keep track of what event happens at what time and where? How can one manage the chaos? Having a set schedule helps but that may prevent you from taking advantage of serendipity and your plans may get sidetracked anyway. Fortunately, showing off their app at the Demo Pit  at Launch this year was GonnaBe.

GonnaBe is an event discovery app with elements of social, local, and mobile (SoLoMo). GonnaBe allow you to see events that are happening around you on its sleek map-based interface, as well as which events your friends are planning to attend. However, what makes the app stand out is how easy it is to search for events by time. Scroll left and right depending on the time you’re interested in and the whatever event happening during that time will pop up on your map. Scroll to a different time and the events that are no longer happening will disappear and replaced by whatever else is happening at that time.

GonnaBe may be the ideal tool to use for monitoring and figuring out what to attend at SXSW. You can sign up for WillCall’s SXSW tool, automatically rsvp to everything, then use GonnaBe to decide what to attend depending on location, time, and see which of your friends are attending which event. GonnaBe may prove to be a great marketing platform for local businesses as it does a great job featuring specials, happy hours, concerts, and other events. Search results for events using GonnaBe app are more are relevant to users  because it allows them to specifying location and time and very easily visualize what is happening around them.

Test out GonnaBe as your mobile concierge at SXSW. The app is currently available on IOS and the Android version will be released in about 3 days.


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