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Dogfooding Done Right with WillCall Music App at SXSW

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Dogfooding Done Right with WillCall Music App at SXSW

Ben Roodman March 19, 2013

WillCall is a last minute way to purchase concert tickets on iPhone or Android. WillCall is less hassle than haggling on Craigslist to exchange tickets, a better value to true music fans than StubHub, ands offers a curated list of concerts in San Francisco where shows frequently sellout.

Generating Austin buzz, WillCall exemplified dogfooding at SXSW by using their own app to RSVP for their secret party. In a smart approach, first time users of WillCall learn the user experience and purchasing workflow in a free way with a fun party reward. WillCall’s method for their own event RSVPing felt more personal and reached actual users and fans of the service versus herds of people wanting only free drinks. It also gave music fans a reason to download and share the WillCall app with friends.

WillCall Music App

Will Call Concert RSVP

Last MInute Concert Tickets

Back recovering from the relentless party pace of SXSW, Eventbrite was the overwhelming go-to event RSVP system followed by Austin’s own do512 local event site. WillCall added more fuel to the fire by providing a free mass SXSW Party RSVP tool to leave the FOMO of not being on the guest list at the door. Most SXSW events required an RSVP and not open to the public but that didn’t stop thousands from registering anyways. Lines around the block and over capacity venues followed every good party. Then of course there was the VIP lists to avoid some of the lines, special wristbands for backstage access, and overall bouncers weren’t swayed by wanting too add +8 friends to any RSVP you may have been on. WillCall and mobile only may be a better way next year by rewarding only the best music fans.

San Francisco Will Call

WillCall overall future expansion plans include Los Angeles and New York. Hopefully they’ll be back in Austin year round as well. All ticket sales are final, non-transferable, and can’t be left at venue will call for others.

Ben Roodman

Benjamin Roodman
Senior Contributing Editor
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