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Not attending SXSW this year? Never fear, FOMO is here!


Not attending SXSW this year? Never fear, FOMO is here!

annebot March 5, 2013

It’s now easier than ever to get social at SXSW. Tools like SXSocial allow people who have registered for the SXSW Interactive Festival 2013 to message other attendees at the event. Each participant can build their online profile by uploading their personal and business details along with a photograph, telling others who they are and what they do. Through SXSocial, SXSW participants can make new friends and contacts with people having similar interests before, during and even after the festival. I am happy to report that I’ve been using SXSocial for a week now, but it hasn’t spammed me, nice!

Social Media for People Who Cannot Attend

Unfortunately, there are a large number of people related to the field of technology who might be very interested in attending the SXSW Interactive Festival 2013, but cannot make it.  Thankfully, they can still keep in touch with the happenings at the festival in real-time and establish a virtual presence at the venue.

Here are a few ways to follow the social media at SXSW and participate remotely:


People having conversations about anything to do with the SXSW festival will include the hashtag #sxsw or #sxswi to mark their content. There will be a ton of chatter and it’s always a hoot. You can use this hashtag to find participants at the SXSW festival; they might be organizers, speakers or simply attendees. The 5-day agenda will be packed with informative sessions, talks and workshops. After each session, participants will add valuable inputs in the form of tweets. You may also retweet such interesting content about the sessions; in this case, make sure to include the speaker’s Twitter handle. Never fear those who cannot attend, a new chat group called #NotAtSXSW has been started on Twitter, specifically meant for those people who cannot attend.


You can click on the Like button on the SXSW Facebook page to get instant notifications of updates from other members. Unlike Twitter, Facebook does not have any size limit for content, so it allows better sharing of information. This helps you to establish online domination in your respective field.


Many participants at the SXSW festival who maintain a blog will post useful information about upcoming or completed SXSW sessions there. You can get the URL of their blogsite from their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to keep abreast of the event. Their posts are likely to include photos of the speaker and valuable take-aways from the sessions. The online blog posts may include links to YouTube videos and/or embedded Tweets. You should comment on these posts to actively engage with the SXSW participants; establish your virtual presence by sharing ideas and offering opinions.


You can use various social media networks to your advantage to make the most of the SXSW Interactive Festival 2013 even though you cannot physically be present in Austin this March. Keep in mind that each form of social media has its unique characteristics; choose those that are most in line with your individual communicating style. As a general rule of thumb, Twitter is ideal for short text-based conversations, Facebook for sharing larger content / multimedia, and blogging for a deeper connection with your audience. As with all social media interactions, it is important that you stay connected constantly; respond to tweets, Facebook posts and comments on your blog to keep the communication alive. These mobile marketing ideas for SXSW are not only useful during the festival; you can continue reaping the benefits of valuable contacts made through the various social media networks.

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