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A review of Twitter’s Vine App for Android

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A review of Twitter’s Vine App for Android

annebot February 8, 2013

When I heard about the Vine app for Twitter I was pretty excited to say the least. However, I was really disappointed when I learned that this release was iPhone and iPod only! Whaaaaat….. However, Twitter assures us it’s coming 🙁 Hang in there… Sorry for the tomfoolery, but the Vine App is not out yet for Android!

android user?

It’s ok, Bucky feels let down too.

I have to be completely honest, Twitter not releasing Vine for the Android at the same time as iPhone made me very sad. I’ve been an Android user for about 7 months now and this is the first time I’ve felt uninvited to the party. I know early adopters of Android had a far different experience, but if you look at the numbers you’ll see that adoption growth for the Android has been trending higher than the iPhone… Vine is really just a fun and fast way for people to share video content via Twitter. It reminds me of the animated gif craze of years past. Frankly, I think animated gifs are still good fun! Anyway, I digress…

It’s widely believed that content is key for all marketing strategies online. I believe that content is the chicken in marketing’s pot pie.

Mobile marketing is now a force to be reckoned with because of the heavy tie ins to social media. Social media is the most common use of the smartphone now, except for talking or texting. Chris Padget, Director of Marketing at Purina recently said at a mobile conference that “vertical is the new horizontal.” Padget’s theory was that people love sharing their pictures via mobile and much of mobile is social, therefore brands are going to have to follow suit. Currently Purina has 15 mobile apps on the market. While the apps do not necessarily enhance branding, they create what are snackable moments. As consumers we enjoy our snacks of data, because we don’t want a whole meal!

This is why I say to you, Twitter… How sad you have made me to not be able to use your glorious Vine App! Just release it for Android very soon and all will be forgiven. 🙂



Lex loves Vine App for Android

Business Lex is waiting…



Anne Ahola Ward
Editor in Chief
Annebot, aka Anne A. Ward is Editor-in-Chief for MobileFOMO. She is a futurist, growth hacker and co-founder of CircleClick, LLC. As an early entrant into the field of search engine optimization, Anne has helped many of her clients monetize their SEO programs. She has helped clients to exceed their previous lead generation goals.
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