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This Year’s SXSW Charming Darling Startup: TaskRabbit

This Year’s SXSW Charming Darling Startup: TaskRabbit

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This year it’s less about the hot consumer app that will be the buzz of sxsw interactive, and more the opportunity to meet early adapters in mass and ask how they operate their business. TaskRabbit is the standout service in getting things done at sxsw and they hope you will bring the spirit of the festival home to your business.

Having over 300+ public sxsw parties, managing private meeting galas and rsvp lists, and a packed convention floor, means your marketing team is not going to sleep for a week. TaskRabbit launched dedicated business portal for sxsw to meet the surge in demand in making sure your events will be as seamless as possible.

TaskRabbit SXSW Business Portal

Initially, Airbnb started as idea for convention goers to find affordable places to stay, but today’s Airbnb listings for Austin have surged up to $1200 an night! Transportation is provided for VIPs to find available wheels to hop from party to party, but that’s hard to do if you’re stuck cleaning up from your afternoon BBQ. If you’re instead the startup that’s helping everyone make best use of their time to meet the rapid demands of having a successful conference, then you’re going to win lots of fans.

The crowd at sxsw has also changed, most attendees are on a corporate sponsorship. In past years, Zaarly and other get it done services competed to reach individuals. TaskRabbit has positioned themselves as playing a very smart role in this year’s sxsw hitting their target business audience at scale. Alternative startups such as PathJoy, while a reliable cleaning service, haven’t yet made their way to Austin. When you look behind the curtain or grill, and start asking your fellow conferences goers how they make their businesses, large or small, work in their hometown, it’s going to include TaskRabbit if it doesn’t yet already.

Disclaimer: Mobilefomo is using TaskRabbit to help with our Between Two Conferences sxsw party.