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Mobile Only versus The Mobile Enterprise

Mobile Only versus The Mobile Enterprise

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The ebb and flow of enterprise value is one that starts as disjointed internal systems to an unified monolith platform slowly crawling into Innovator’s Dilemma then buying your way forward and then back to untangling disjointed systems all over again. Rarely is keeping up with the pace a possibility as the connected world shifts rapidly.

Being mobile only is not particularly appealing to enterprise clients, retailers, and media companies. Yes, their audience is going mobile, engagement is there, but its hard to grasp what’s missing in today’s omni-channel holy grail expectations. Big data providers, existing analytics companies, and advertisers all now have mobile solutions claims that fit into their current offerings.

As a mobile company, it’s often not generally understood what the technological differences and limitations between mobile and desktop even are. Similarly to how an elderly Senator might compare the internet to a series of tubes, the terminology translations from traditional enterprise to mobile first are awkward. Explaining the advantages of mobile solution versus existing ideas to an busy executive might be pitching a problem that they don’t know exists.

Conquering the mobile enterprise does have leverage through bring your own device movement in the workplace. Mobile is not just another channel, it’s a new perspective to access, input, and grasp information. Example: putting a mobile CRM solution in the hands of sales reps will spread fast as they learn that they no longer have to manually type activities into Salesforce. Additionally, bringing your iPad for a presentation means you no longer have to lug your Dell laptop and power cord. Five years ago, a tablet in the workplace would have been reserved for uber neckbeards.

Mobile in the enterprise has quickly changed, but taking a mobile first approach to new business is still up for grabs.

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