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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Optimized Website

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Optimized Website

Misspran February 4, 2013

Whether you’re on IOS or an Android user, no one can deny the mobile is huge! With the rapid adoption of e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and more, mobile technology is changing the way we consume media and internet content. Data from early 2010 to May 2012 shows a worldwide 10.01% increase of web traffic coming from mobile devices and we can expect an upward trend. Internet traffic from mobile devices is expected to surpass desktop devices in this year.

American consumers spend an average of 82 minutes a day on their mobile devices in comparison to 34 min in 2010. That’s a 51.9% growth in 2 years. Consumers are highly engaged on their mobile devices and usage is only expected to grow. More people are switching to smart phones a data plan and iPads are becoming a common household item. Failing to adapt means missing out on opportunities and it can hurt.

Not having a mobile optimized website means:

1. A bad user experience
The way consumers browse sites from their phone, tablet, or desktop and laptop is very different from each other.  How someone uses their smart phone is different from how they use their tablet and is drastically even more different from how they use their desktop and laptop. Consider the viewing space, keyboards, touchpad and touchscreen, all of it affects their experience browsing websites. Not customizing your site to how each device is used can result in a bad user experience and cause frustration for your consumers. Don’t make the mistake of assuming browsing the web on a laptop is the same as browsing the web on a cell phone. It’s not. Optimize your site to the device, provide visitors with the best experience you can and you will more likely to gain new customers as well as keep your old ones.

2. Low conversion rate
Mobile ad spending is expected to rise. Many businesses will jump on the mobile opportunity and advertise. However, spending money on mobile ads without having a mobile optimized website is a big mistake. It’s almost like throwing money into a lake. Conversion is difficult and you want to make the signup process as seamless as possible. If it’s too much of a hassle, the clicks won’t convert.  With limited viewing space on a phone and a smaller keyboard, consuming content and inputting information is tougher.  If the viewing experience and signup process is not easy, you will have likely lost that potential customer. This applies to lead generation from recommendation apps too. For example, through Yelp. A restaurant with a difficult to navigate website and a pdf menu can deter a person from going there when choosing a restaurant from their phone. Also, anything with flash won’t work on an IOS device.

3. Missing out on opportunities
Mobile marketing is currently at a very interesting stage with emerging networks like instagram, foursquare, local deals like scoutmob, mobile payments and more,  there will be a lot of opportunity to take advantage of mobile advertising.  Consumers are becoming more technically savvy and you have to cater to that.

It’s inevitable that the mobile trend will affect the marketing of your business. Don’t be left behind. Optimize your website to mobile.


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Vi Tran
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