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Most Top Marketers Are Way Off Base On Predictions for 2013


Most Top Marketers Are Way Off Base On Predictions for 2013

Steve Sarner January 15, 2013

Here’s a crazy statistic – only 11% of marketing leaders have predicted mobile marketing as the major trend in 2013.  Talk about the majority missing the boat – the mobile boat in this case.

MobileFOMO asked me to weigh in on how mobile fit into the top marketing trends of 2013. I saw Adobe’s CMO.com (great content marketing site btw) had checked in with 86 marketing thought leaders. Most of whom I either know or know of  and asked the same question. This was obviously a great reference for what I had planned to be the headline of this post “Majority of Marketers Pick Mobile as #1 2013 Trend”.

I thought for sure that at least 50% would say mobile was the marketing trend for 2013, right? Wrong!

Just 10 of the 86 interviewed called out the mobile tsunami of change that marketers must now fully embrace much faster than those of us who were around in the nineties when the Web burst on to the scene. If the Internet was a shining star Mobile is a super nova! So much for my headline! (Talk about my Chicago tribune Dewy wins moment)

I was and still am fairly shocked to see such as small minority focused on mobile or some variation of it for the major marketing trend of 2013.

The other topics cited included the another big buzz term of late – “Big Data”. People throw that term around a lot but most don’t really know what it means and I almost guarantee they are not practicing “true” Big Data (whatever that actually is). There was also a lot of attention on the related predictive analytics and metrics but frankly – that is all old hat now and I think most confuse this with “Big Data” (whatever that really is). And even further old hat were predictions around search and digital – with no mention of the mobile implications whatsoever. Gonna party like it’s 1999, I guess.

Of course, there was the usual “customer centric and trust” lines but come on folks – those are givens and hardly anything new. One topic that a few mentioned which, I concur could be a 2nd  place finisher, is  the revitalization of Content Marketing – but that is for another post, on another blog, at another time.

The 2013 marketing trend – make that tsunami – is Mobile. Ok, sure, Mobile has been around a long time but everything changed in the blink of an eye as smart phones and tablets did not simply explode on to the market – they were the second coming of the Big Bang!

Mobile greatly changes the playing field making it the clear focus point for any marketing department in 2013. From my perspective every brand needs to be focused on mobile and adapting to it ASAP for success this coming year and beyond.

So let’s take a look at the “mobile marketing minority” – the CMO.com marketers that got it right and highlight them and their key mobile takeaways (in alphabetical order)

Darrin Clement – CEO of Maponics:

Location Goes Main Stream

Noting that only a few firms have embraced the power of location via mobile, he predicts mainstream use of geo-fencing. I think he may be a year early as far as mainstream goes but his thoughts are right on the money.

Craig Elimeliah, VP, Director of Technology and Digital Solutions, RAPP

Tablet Takeover

Craig talks to the ride of tablets and predicts they become the “1st screen” changing the relationship with the customer and the delivery of ads. You got that right Craig!

Kathy Leake, President and Co-founder, LocalResponse

A New Position – Head of Mobile

The channel is big and getting bigger – Kathy says Fortune 1000 firms need a dedicated executive responsible for all things mobile. The only thing I disagree with is this should be expanded beyond just the Fortune 1000. You’re on the mark Kathy!

Dave Meeker, Director of Emerging Technology, Roundarch Isobar

People don’t like ads – they hate mobile ads.

Dave takes the elephant in the room and hits him square on the head. Old tactics won’t work and new ones are not here yet. This is a big issue.

Liz Miller, VP of Operations and Marketing Programs, CMO Council

Mobile is Sexy but Tough

Liz follows on Dave’s theme – brands have to adapt to the new mobile reality and not dwell on old ways

Paul Price, Chief Executive Officer, Creative Realities LLC

Another Hire – Chief Mobile Sales Officer

Paul echo’s Kathy – new hires and expertise will be needed in e commerce as mobile shopping blows up.

Evan Schuman, Editor & Publisher, StorefrontBacktalk.com

Mobile Rules

I think Evan summed it up as well as anyone. He talks about mobile providing unique abilities and communication opportunities which will rewrite the rules as mobile will rule.


Tom Stein, President and Chief Creative Officer, Stein + Partners Brand Activation

Mobile becomes the center of attention

Relevance – a common theme and a “brand eco-system” with mobile being in the middle of it all. While Tom focused more on the “eco-system” part his acknowledgement of mobile being central places him on the list.

Michele Turner, CMO, mBlox

Open the Mobile Lab

I was surprised that Michele was alone in talking experimentation.  She has a very insightful summary of how embracing, testing and experimenting with mobile will be the big news this year.

Katja Wald, Director of Global Marketing, Aquent

MROI Mobile Return on Investment

There we go Katja!  I was waiting for the ROI / MROI to make its appearance. I have a hunch this will make the 2014 list not to mention the rest of the decade.


The fact is mobile (including tablets) has, in the span of about a year, become more prevalent faster and with millions more people than any other medium in marketing history. The strategy is simple – get mobile first and fast but the tactics and tools to do so are cluttered and immature at best and completely non-existent at worse.


It’s both an exciting and crucial time to be embracing mobile. My recommendation for the other 76 CMO’s from this list is to reevaluate their priorities – and focus on mobile for 2013, and beyond.


Steve Sarner

Guest Contributor
Steve Sarner is the VP of Marketing at Tagged.

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