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Qualcomm Star Trek Movie App Scanning on All User Frequencies

Qualcomm Star Trek Movie App Scanning on All User Frequencies

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At the Qualcomm CES keynote, which some called insane, shattered the marketing echo chamber and also announced the Star Trek Into Darkness mobile app. Using Qualcomm’s developer platform, Gimbal, it takes advantage of almost all mobile phone sensor functions in a low power background measuring mode in the new Star Trek app.

In partnership with Paramount Pictures mobile marketing, are smartphones now electronic dog collars? No, but does take advantage of every potential developer accessible mobile device location function to make using the app potentially worth your attention.

Picard iPad Pairwise

In the Star Trek timeline, this is called context. Today at worst, it is an attempt to make being a Trekkie a cheeky marketing experience, but does raise some privacy questions.

  • Is it ok to geo stereotype users by location infinity to create relevance?
  • Does it create more fan audience intent to purchase than only downloading the a mobile app?

There also serious dollars behind the Paramount Pictures and Qualcomm campaign with a Super Bowl commercial unlocking features and new movie insights. To enter the contest to win a VIP trip to the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere and get notified about the app’s availability.