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Mobile First Look Is The First Of Many 2013 Conferences

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Mobile First Look Is The First Of Many 2013 Conferences

Editor January 22, 2013

The uber busy Mobile Conference Season is off to a quick start with 3 major events in January. Mobilefomo will have contributors at each of them to share information and perspective with you.

The first conference of the year was aptly named – Mobile First look held way downtown at The American Indian Museum in New York City. A fully packed room of mobile marketing pros saw a terrific day of detailed case studies from major brands. It was great to hear first hand how a number of different brands think about and approach mobile marketing.

Scot Cottick at Mobile First Look

Scot Cottick @ Mobile First Look. $13K in gear yet uses his mobile phone.

Scot Cottick, Senior Manager Interactive Marketing from Nissan, gave a terrific talk about not just mobile but how Nissan approaches their overall marketing initiatives and how mobile fits into it. The two key takeaways:

1)   Marketing needs to be a customer experience

2)   Don’t think mobile – think “screen and context”

Point 2 was very illuminating. Rather than focusing on the portability and technological features on a device – Scot focused on the screen that the customer has and the context in which he uses it.  Key to this approach was also a classic “fish where the fish are” philosophy in which Nissan will create experiences applicable for their customers where they are and with whatever device they are using.

Scot stated, “people don’t think of their device as mobile and won’t accept anything less than a great experience. Therefore Nissan’s efforts are focused on providing a “meaningful experience in the grid of the screen”

With 20% of dealer leads now being generated through “smaller screens” (that happen to be mobile) Nissan continues to experiment and work to create meaningful and satisfying experiences for their visitors. Read more about Scot’s talk at Mobile Marketer.

photo credit: Alex+Tom via Twitter


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