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Intent and the Promise of Advertising

Intent and the Promise of Advertising

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Advertising is the promise exchanged that an user base, an audience, aligns together with our brands visions, so therefore so do our customers and that’s valuable.

Intent attempts to idealize the relationship created by publishers and content producers upfront to a company with a product or service to sell that would like to know who their customer is going to be.

In a traditional sense, a retailer such as Best Buy, would aggregate products with the promise of being able to deliver customers in-store. Best Buy shoppers intended to come into our store, so give us your best pricing possible and we’ll sell a ton of your product. Incentivized offers and weekly specials, Best Buy’s brand recognition, and staff with product expertise was model for aggregating audiences for consumer sales. Maximize customer input by measuring what marketing lead to increased sales.

Google as the case and point example of intent to action, said customers know what they want by searching for it and we’ll forward click traffic to you to measure your sales. Google applies rocket science to unlock user search intent on what works and provides the analytics to understand it. From transaction volume, Google makes a 100 million dollars a day and Best Buy has filed bankruptcy.

Separately, Facebook with its massive user audience, hasn’t yet been able to noticeably improve overall sales by linking personal user profile data to the advertiser’s intent. Facebook’s model of intent may be completely backwards.

In the new era of mobile marketing, advertisers and content creators both have equal opportunity to directly attribute the value they’re offering to consumers. The promise of advertising on personal mobile devices could be fully measurable to customer sales, in-store or online, but today it hasn’t evolved past the now both traditional methods of advertising on the web or offline.