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Intel’s David Veneski @ Mobile Media Summit San Francisco

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Intel’s David Veneski @ Mobile Media Summit San Francisco

Editor January 22, 2013

The MobileFOMO Team is live blogging from San Francisco and the first Mobile Media Summit of 2013, at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. It’s been a great morning session so far with a packed house and some great panels.

Intel’s David Veneski just finished a conversation with the legendary John Durham of Catalyst S+F sharing the massive brand’s view on mobile marketing. Some key takeaways from David:

“Mobile was called the 3rd screen after TV and computers but today, I actually view mobile as the 1st screen.”

To which John added from a recent focus group he attended with 18-24 year olds:

“They never heard of mobile as first, second or third. They called mobile – the ONLY screen”

David Veneski of Intel at Mobile Media Summit SF

David Veneski of Intel at Mobile Media Summit SF

David continues to stress that any app the brand develops needs to add true value. He feels too many brands build apps for the sake of having an app, even noting the early days of mobile experimentation at Intel fell, somewhat, in this camp. Ensure that apps added true value and utility for consumers was a reoccurring theme all morning.

David was highly complementary of the work of his AOR – OMD and their mobile arm Ansible who’s CEO, Angela Steel, was on a panel earlier in the day.

David pointed to Red Bull and Coke who were doing great work, in addition to Intel, in the mobile category. He also cited Nike for their work with providing data and feedback to their consumers forming a daily deeper bond with their core customers.

Being an engineering oriented company, Intel is famous for its discipline in measuring all their activities and mobile is no exception. One of the key initiatives for Intel moving forward will be integration of mobile throughout their entire marketing mix. Integrate, Integrate, Integrate is the battle cry for Intel in 2013 as it relates to their mobile campaigns.


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