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The Disney version of the Mobile Ad Experience

The Disney version of the Mobile Ad Experience

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Disney is a destination, a shared family experience, and even a lifestyle to some, but what constitutes a brand safe mobile experience to Disney mobile marketers?

Disney Mobile AdvertisingDisney Mobile Advertising Video

From the screenshots, you’re looking at Disney mobile Ad from a brand safe publisher page as viewed through following a twitter link on an iPhone. A bit confusing, but this is the current state of attracting mobile audiences.

Video: Highly produced, Disney mobile advertising efforts features a short 30 second video clip. Today’s mobile bandwidth offers high resolution streaming on wifi or over the air. Video is also a fairly universally accessible ad format optimized by device and view counts offer a high value engagement metric to a brands like Disney. Mobile video advertising has one of the highest eCPMs payouts to publishers. The video also features a phone number but no Click to Call feature within the viewing.

Disney Mobile Advertising experience

Tapping into Visit Now, you’re brought into the Disney Parks brand experience by tugging on heartstrings with pictures of smiling kids and laughing moments captured in an online gallery. The mobile ad doesn’t take advantage of location data use through asking for user permissions or by IP address. Based in California, I’m still shown Disney World in Florida as the top option versus Disneyland Resort or Disney California Adventure Park closer to my current city.

The remainder of the options are for requesting more information for lead gen. If I don’t book a reservation or enter my information through my mobile phone, is Disney going to be able to attribute my mobile lead back to future sign ups? Is Disney using mobile ad tech that offers retargeting? Mobile attribution is a serious problem facing publishers and influential brands looking for a way into the mobile space.

Disney’s preference of ad tech use has always been a tightly controlled experience.