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How Customers are Being Trained to Use Mobile Services

Mobile Shopping Trends

How Customers are Being Trained to Use Mobile Services

Ben Roodman January 7, 2013

Microsoft taught generations how to to use the Windows Start button as the jumping off point to accessing the digital world. Todays internet giants and retailers are training us to use our mobile devices in new ways to interact with the world around us wherever we go. Mobile marketing is more than facebook owning the word Like, it’s how our customers use mobile services to simplify their shopping experiences.

Starbucks is actively training lines of coffee junkies everywhere how to use their smartphone as a mobile wallet. Through the Starbucks native mobile apps as well as through partnership with mega payments startup Square, the transaction checkout time has never been shorter. To use with your phone as a mobile wallet at Starbucks, add your credit card in app, and then hold your phone to the ocular scanner at the register.


Paying with your phone also automatically puts you on a first name basis with your barista, adding to customer loyalty, and counts towards the My Starbucks Rewards program, earning free drinks and food with every 12 purchases.


eBay, the .com auction site, has reinvented itself has a mobile first company focusing on get it now purchases. Following San Francisco startup Postmates, eBay Now in partnership with major retailers, enables you to search for and order items from local stores. Only available in San Francisco and parts of New York City, choose from thousands of local products to be delivered to your door in about an hour. For $5 dollars delivered, you never have to leave your couch or wander aisles looking for something that might be in stock.


To be the service provider of choice in the future, major retailer and tech companies are placing big bets on how customers will interact with brands through their mobile devices. If you’re a retail small-to-medium business (SMB), mobile marketing starts with being on a first name basis with your customers in-store, being able to credit cards at 2.75% per swipe with Square, and listing your product catalog on Postmates & eBay Now to sell to potential new customer outside your door to be delivered to theirs.

Ben Roodman

Benjamin Roodman
Senior Contributing Editor
Benjamin Roodman is an advocate for getting to the truth of what converts in mobile. Well versed in mobile advertising platforms with a notable aptitude and passion for analytics, he's currently putting deals together as head of partnerships at a mobile data startup. Benjamin has previously held Business Development positions at AOL Advertising and helped establish several funded location-based consumer startups.
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