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Wal-Mart – Facebook and The Biggest Mobile Campaign of 2012

Wal-Mart – Facebook and The Biggest Mobile Campaign of 2012

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Evelyn Rusli and Shelly Banjo of The Wall Street Journal broke a story today about Wal Mart’s Black Friday Mobile Upfront ad buy.  The conquest style campaign reportedly ran some 50 millions ads to a similar number of unique Facebook mobile users. Apparently, this is a first of its kind effort for the world’s biggest social network teaming with the world’s biggest retailer.

FAcebook and Walmart Mobile Team

Zuk and Sandberg with Wal Mart Marketing Team

Jim Edwards has his take on the article and mobile ad campaign in Business Insider as well. And for some earlier background on Facebook and it’s mobile ad platform, Lauren Indvik had a solid piece in Mashable too.

What about the major mobile networks? Did any of them have similar large-scale upfronts or other Black Friday Mobile campaigns? We’d enjoy hearing about them and your perspective about the Wal Mart Facebook effort – which may be the biggest single mobile effort to date.

image credit: Straight Up Search