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How Much Shopping Is Done On Mobile?

Mobile Shopping

How Much Shopping Is Done On Mobile?

Editor December 14, 2012

In a word (or two)

A Lot.

Here’s a great post from E Consultancy on the fact that the mobile train has already left the station. Hope you are on it!

This article references the Adobe Black Friday Study and gives a fun time line on the whole mobile evolution that has suddenly turned into a revolution. Some highlights:

– 1 in 4 dollars on Black Friday were spent via a mobile device.

– The first mobile phone (from Motorola) weighed 2 pounds, had a 30 minute battery life which eqauted to about $4,000 in talk time.

– 10 Years ago AT&T introduced 3G

– 5 Years ago Apple introduced the iPhone and first Smartphone

– Today the train has already left and if you are not on it you better be running fast.

It’s a fun post and definitely worth a read.




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