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How to get mobile marketing analytics for your company

How to get mobile marketing analytics for your company

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Mobile marketing professionals need to have the tools to monitor, collect and analyze data in order to gauge how successful their techniques are and to determine if they must make tweaks to them. While Google Analytics is probably the most well known of the mobile analytic tools, they are not the only choice available. Read on for some other options that can make obtaining data quicker and easier.

  • Google Analytics: Easy to install as well as to use, Google Analytics is a business-oriented tool for mobile analytics. Rather than simply looking at data, this free mobile marketing tool ties it directly to a visitor’s habits, likes, keywords used and more.
  • Webtrends: By capturing the trends and engagements exhibited by visitors using a particular app, Webtrends can provide valuable information such as which searches were initiated, how long and how frequently a visitor uses a particular app and the geographic region from which the visitor hails.
  • Open Web Analytics: This open source software for mobile analytics uses simple code to enable mobile app marketers to track the activity visitors make when using it. Even though it is open source, support for this free mobile marketing tool is available, and popular websites for content such as Mediawiki and WordPress are supported as well.
  • Yahoo Web Analytics: Using the flexible yet powerful dashboard, Yahoo web analytics gives business owners an easy way to collect the data that means the most to them. They can learn which ads visitors click on, how long a visitor stays on a page and more with just a few clicks.
  • Pikwik: This mobile analyzer tool is open source and free. Easy and quick to download, this software provides reports that are heavy on the details of what and why visitors were on a particular app. Available in 45 languages, Pikwik draws connections between marketing campaigns and visitor reactions to them.

After engaging in one, or several, of the above mobile analytics tools, mobile marketers should take the time to digest the reports that are generated. By comparing and contrasting the data received, it will become obvious where some areas of the marketing campaign can be tweaked to produce better results.