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Mobile Marketing News Realizes Over 50% of Holiday Sales Via Mobile Apps Realizes Over 50% of Holiday Sales Via Mobile Apps

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The booming designer flash sale site Fab is leading the mobile commerce revolution announcing that 56% of its revenue on Christmas Day was generated from its mobile apps. This follows 40% of revenue from Thanksgiving sales via apps and marks the company’s first time to break the 50% mark in sales from mobile devices.

Fab CEO Jason Goldberg had predicted that the company would see mobile commerce beat web based sales at some point this year on his personal beta shop blog. Fab is a great mobile commerce app example having put many months of thought and development into their mobile products. Tech Crunch provides a good summary of Fab’s October app changes that set them up for a successful 2012 mobile holiday revenue season.

We think this is worth reviewing for any brand looking to enhance their mobile presence – which should pretty much be everyone.