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App Nation Report – Native vs. HTML with Ina Fried

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App Nation Report – Native vs. HTML with Ina Fried

Editor December 13, 2012

App Nation PressAnother excellent App Nation event wrapped up in San Francisco this week and of course MobileFOMO was there. Drew Ianni has built a great franchise bringing an impressive number of mobile app marketing experts together on a regular basis.

All Things D mobile-focused reporter Ina Fried moderated an interesting panel; discussion with some mobile marketing heavyweights to discuss the latest in the native app vs. mobile web debate.  The panel was comprised of a thoughtful and articulate group of mobile experts. On the mobile web side of the fence was CIO of Mozilla Todd Simpson. Chris Martin, Pandora’s VP Engineering and Mark Young – VP of Mobile for NBC Universal were more focused on the native app landscape for their businesses has this is where the major revenue drivers and quality resides for them. Wayne Thorsen VP of Partnerships for Telefonica had just driven 14 hours from Washington State to join in and was the neutral party in the group

A few takeaways from the panel including the following:

–       Pandora’s audio requirements demand native apps only at this time.

–       For Fandango and NBC – IOS is by far the best monetizing platform

–       Native apps handle rich media mobile ads where mobile web can not at this time

–       Mozilla is working to bring mobile web up to native app capabilities and more

App NAtion Ina Freid

Ina Fried (far left) leads panel with Mozilla,NBC Universal, Pandora and Telefonica

Our view is mobile web is gaining ground fast and an mobile marketer should stay very close to it’s progress and not be caught off guard focused only on native app development. By the end of 2013 we suspect mobile web will be as capable as anything done in the native app environment today.

And BTW – Ina announced All Things D’s Dive into Mobile was scheduled for April 15, 2013 too in NYC too.


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