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How is Mobile Marketing Changing the Way we Watch TV?

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How is Mobile Marketing Changing the Way we Watch TV?

annebot November 11, 2012

With increased global proliferation of smartphones, television watching has metamorphosed from the traditional one-sided communication concept to a more engaging and interactive communication medium, thanks to social media. Social media has enabled viewers to interact and share information in real-time about what they are watching. To ride on this trend, businesses are increasingly adopting mobile marketing in order to reach their target audience.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

According to a recent research conducted by Search Engine Land in2012, nine out of ten mobile searches lead to action, with more than half determining purchasing decisions. Furthermore, findings from Mobile Marketer, 2012, indicate that about seventy percent of all mobile searches lead to action within the first hour as compared to seventy percent of online searches that result in action in at least a month. With these kind of statistics it’s obvious that mobile marketing is a surefire tactic to reach ones fan base easily and boost sales.

Social Media and TV

Undoubtedly, today’s generation is media saturated. In regards to this, it’s common practice to find most TV viewers combine their entertainment time with social interaction. Viewers are compelled to share what they like or dislike with others. It is important to note that more viewers are using the commercial breaks to share, comment and interact via social media, hence TV adverts are increasingly losing the clamor they had. In an effort to seek relevance, TV networks are crafting mobile apps to provide a platform for their viewers to follow, interact, and recommend their favorite programs by the click of a button.

There has already been an impact of Mobile Marketing for TV viewers around the world. We are connecting differently.

In an increasingly internet savvy world, mobile apps have become a catalyst to the social media revolution by enabling easy access to internet on the go and providing invaluable data capture for the host. This has resulted to the mobile social media experience being customized to meet users’ choices. Take for instance, friends/followers can recommend consumption to others in the network by just sharing. In addition, location-specific marketing is an area with high potential and many marketers are waiting with bated breath to see how things unfold.

How marketers harness the opportunities of mobile marketing will have a significant impact on brand relevance and how they engage with their target audience. The confluence between old media and new media, TV and mobile, provides a platform to create more one-to-one relationships with customers, and an opportunity to be innovative.

All in all, the impact of mobile marketing to TV ad sales is as an aspect riddled with uncertainty as the possibilities are endless.

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