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What is Bloatware and Why is it there?

What is Bloatware and Why is it there?

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Very recently I took a trip to the T-Mobile store in search of a new phone for 2015. Every year I like to swap out phones so I can stay up with the latest and greatest. To my surprise I had a really helpful gentleman working with me on which phone to purchase. He mentioned something he called “bloatware” on the LG and Samsung phones. After learning a new fun term I of course had to research it!10997360_10153004282206001_7526405550098059582_n


Basically I found a slew of definitions about what bloatware is on desktops, tablets and phones. It’s a common issue. For whatever reason companies feel compelled to include many extra apps or pieces of software that aren’t ideal to use. When it comes to the phone, manufacturers like LG and Samsung include some unwanted “extra” apps that will not only slow performance, they drain battery life. The worst part was that we learned on certain phones you cannot uninstall this ‘bloatware’ because it’s mandatory to the phone.

The good news is that manufacturers of the Nexus and Moto X do not include bloatware on their version of the Android operating system. This means that these phones have the highest performance in terms of speed, battery power and screen. Don’t be fooled by the sexy sleek LG phones! They contain bloatware that you simply cannot get rid of without a lot of effort or programming knowledge. This is not ideal for anyone.

There are number of apps and websites that claim to ‘help’ you remove bloatware from your phone. Many of these sites insist you root your phone, first. Depending on which documentation you believe, rooting your phone can cause harm or possibly void a warranty. We here at MobileFOMO want to ensure that any recommendation we make is well-researched and safe. Therefore, we’re asking you to stay tuned for a future post where we explore more about this topic!

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