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Mobile Marketing Strategies for SXSW

Mobile Marketing Strategies for SXSW

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SXSW marketing bonanzas are planned months in advance. It’s unlikely you’re going to beat out the Pepsi Foursquare pavilion or have booked a mega rock concert, but fear not. As a mobile marketer, you don’t have to resort to decadent parties or bizarre stunts to make an impact.

While the interactive conference is heavily tech focused, “winning” at SXSW is mostly about being in the moment. In location usefulness can be equally memorable by providing services as simple as VIP rides in town cars or in tech karaoke vans, mobile phone charging stations, or access to clean bathrooms around the main SXSW event locations.

If you’re marketing approaching is facebook, twitter, check-ins, and social sharing, you’re done for! Outside observers tend to filter out most SXSW tagged media in droves while the press around the ultra-hyped next thing has already been pre-written for the conference. The on the ground marketing competition is also fierce and out of control. Asking as many people as possible to install your location-based meetup app will be met with resentment of as value of SXSW mobile battery life is a precious commodity.

Compared to the sideshows, have the perspective of connecting with individuals and be the startup that provides space for intimate late night conversations. Being a genuine voice might be the breakout app of SXSW in 2013.

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